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To the Be.Yogi Community. 

I'm Yogi B, the founder and creator of the space you see here. Yoga has been a vital part of my life the last ten years. I have travelled all over the country, attended dozens of studios, practiced yoga in 100's of unique spaces, and I want to share my art with all of you. 

Whether you are new to yoga or have practiced for years or maybe you're on the road or just a 30 minute lunch break; Wherever you are, whenever it is, yoga is accessible to you. So tune in, find movement, breath, and life, and you can Be.Yogi too!

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As an advanced yoga teacher, it is refreshing when you attend a class and the teacher hits all the marks. Not only is B accepting of all, but holds space for you to seek your truth during your practice. I mentored B during one of my recent retreats and found them to be humble and eager to devour anything I could teach. While working on the retreat, B treated each of my students as theirs and bent over backwards to ensure the success of the retreat. B has a little light that shines out from them and I look forward to watching their growth.

-Vanessa , Studio Owner , Author
Spreading Healing-A Beginner's Training Manual: A Holistic Approach to Healing Trauma with Yoga for Yoga Teachers

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