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Private Sessions

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Solo Sessions

Private Yoga Instruction is a great way to build your understanding of your yoga practice. I recommend private sessions to anyone who is new to yoga and wants to ensure they are practicing yoga poses in a way that feels good for them and maintaining good alignment to prevent injury. This looks very different person to person just as everyone's yoga journey is different! Solo privates are also a great way to work on a asana and build knowledge and understanding of the poses you are looking to add into your practice. Privates are not just for the physical part of yoga and can include meditations, creating rituals to achieve our goals, and other modalities of healing. 

Group Ceremony

Private Group Ceremonies are a great way to facilitate healing with your friends and family. With a variety of ceremonies to choose from from setting intentions to creating space to let go of what no longer serves you, these ceremonies help build lasting connections for all involved. Group sessions host 2-15 people at a time and last 2-4 hours depending on the type of ceremony and how many people are involved. For ceremonies, Yogi B partners with other healers in the area so the group gets the most out of these healing sessions with sound healing, reiki, and hands on adjustments.  


Stream Entry Institute
-Sound Healing 
-Cacao Ceremony

- Plant Medicine 

Eka Earth
- Wellness Photography
- Crystal Ceremonies
- Flower Baths
- Holistic Cooking Classes

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Interested in just their services? Please feel free to reach out to them via their links :)

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