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Emotion Feeling Technique (EFT), or often referred to as Tapping Therapy, is a technique that involves tapping gently on parts of the face and body that correspond with the 12 main meridians of the body. Tapping Therapy is a form of Energy Medicine that draws on the Ancient Chinese practice of Acupuncture, teaching us that the body's energy travels along certain pathways. When certain points along these pathways are stimulated, the flow of energy is improved.


EFT is a holistic form of psychological acupressure that combines the wisdom of ancient healing practices from the East and Western psychotherapy. Studies carried out at Harvard Medical School have shown that by stimulating the meridian end points through Tapping Therapy, we are able to calm the amygdala.

You might be thinking "what's so important about that?" Well, the amygdala is the apart of the Lymbic System meaning it pertains to our  emotional body and survival instincts. Think of it as your "Fight or Flight" response. It's responsible for perceiving fear, anger, sadness, etc. and helps store these emotional memories so we can prevent them from happening again in the future. It also works to protect us from any possible threats. Once the amygdala is stimulated by any stressor, it takes less than a thousandth of a second for it to respond. 

This all sounds like a great function of the brain, but the problem is, any amount of stress triggers the amygdala to react. Studies show that people are living in constant states of stress due to work, social interactions, finances, and other non "life-or-death" situations, keeping the amygdala CONSTANTLY activated (meaning people are constantly living in "Fight or Flight") It's no wonder we can feel overwhelmed by seemingly "little" things. 

EFT has the ability to interrupt these responses, leading you to re-wire the brain and not react to stimulus in a constant loop of overreaction, fear, or emotional outburst. 

Helping Hand


Tapping Therapy is for those wanting to:

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • reduce chronic pain

  • build new and lasting habits

  • heal trauma wounds

  • clear money blocks

  • become more energetically aligned with yourself

  • overcome fears and phobias

  • get better sleep

  • lose weight

  • be more self confident

  • stop "people pleasing"

  •  love yourself more

  • heal disordered eating

  • clear limiting beliefs

  • stop procrastinating

  • drink more water

  • and SO MUCH MORE!


Join me in one of my private Tapping Groups or book your First 1-1 Tapping Session today!

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